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Dr.Ashok Gupta is a Top Sexologist in Delhi. He is B.A.S.M and has been using his 40+ years of experience towards solving Sexual Problems, Sexual Disorders and Diseases for both men & women. He practises in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi and specialises in providing treatment for a wide range of sexual problems. Apart from this, he also helps for anti-addictions and compulsive behaviours like sex and porn addiction. Our dedication and confidentiality tops the list when our satisfied customers talk about us.
Ashok ClinicHe is a Pillar Member of National Association of Sexology of India. He is also the President of Sex Therapist Association, New Delhi. As a Certified Sex Therapist he works with individuals and couples who are either having particular problems in their sexual functioning or unsatisfied with the quality and frequency of their sexual activity.

Dr.Gupta has written many guides and articles on the subject and has always been helpful in giving simplified solutions to the common man. He has cured thousands of people and helped them continuing a happy and healthy life through expert counselling and medication.

He also works as Guest Specialist with India TV, Care World, Hamar TV, Shakti TV and many others on sex- related issues. His articles and expert advice are published on a regular basis in leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.

Branch Office

Dr. Rahul Gupta is an M.B.B.S, M.S. from Ramayah Medical College. He is also a D.P.M. (Diplomat Psycho Sexual Medicine), from A.K. Sinha Institute, I.M.A., New Delhi.

He is a renowned member of C.S.E.P.I. (Childhood Sex Education & Parenthood International).

Dr.Rahul Gupta Ashok Clinic He is practising from the last ten years from his clinic situated at Pitampura, Delhi under the guidance of his specialist father Dr.Ashok Gupta, the founder of Ashok Clinic.

Dr. Rahul Gupta gives online consultation, which has helped hundreds of patients in resolving and eradicating sex related issues. These are erectile dysfunction or ED or Impotency, premature ejaculation, nightfall, low sex desires etc.

He has successfully treated patients suffering from these ailments through both counselling therapy and medication. The online consultation available at www.ashokclinic.in comes as a relief for many patients. The facility is for those who have a hesitation in discussing the problems in open and face to face with the specialist.

Being a young specialist, he understands the problem of today’s’ youth and maintains complete privacy in regard to the details of his patients. He is working towards spreading awareness that sex problems are very common and Ashok Clinic can treat them all with 100% success rate.


Dr. Meena Gupta is a M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (Fellowship) and a member of C.S.E.P.I (childhood Sex Education and Parenthood international)

She is practicing from last 10 years from her clinic situated at Pitam Pura, Delhi under the guidance of her father in law “Dr. Ashok Gupta”, the founder of Ashok Clinic.

Dr. Meena Gupta gives consultation which has helped patients in treating gynecological and obstetrics related problems like infertility, leucorrhoea, menstrual problems, general weakness and lack of married life knowledge.

She has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from these problems through counselling and medication and the online consultation which is available at www.ashokclinic.in. The online consultation has helped those who are either staying far away or hesitant to discuss the problems openly & cannot come to clinic personally.

Being young specialist, she understands the problem of today’s youth and maintains complete privacy in regard to the details of her patients. She is working towards spreading awareness of female sexual health problems.

She has helped in writing & editing the books e.g. “Shishupalan” and a one very good informative book for teenagers “Badhte bachchon ke liye”. These books available on book stall across all over India.


Ashok Clinic, the best team of sexologists in Delhi provide all the satisfactory services & solutions relating to all sexual problems and diseases. Further, it also treats patients suffering from other problems like Prostate, Urinary & Addictions.

Sexual Disorders

When it comes to any kind of sexual disorder or diseases, there is only one trusted Sexologist Care Centre by the name of Ashok Clinic around you. More than two lac patients have got extremely good results so far from …

Prostate & Urinary Problems

Ashok Clinic is extremely famous for the treatment of Prostate and other Urinary problems. Thousands of patients across the country and overseas have been benefited so far from the Ayurvedic Medicines of Dr.Ashok Gupta. Some of the normal problems faced …


Ashok Clinic has developed very effective medicines for people who are extremely Alcoholic and Smokers. We also have medicines which will help you control and stop the habit of chewing Gutka or Pan Masala. These anti addiction medicines are Ayurvedic …

Psychological Counselling

It is quite natural that whenever somebody is suffering from sexual disorder, that person also develops psychological problems. Dr.Ashok Gupta along with his expert team of Dr.Rahul Gupta and Dr.Meena Gupta have been giving treating people and giving psychological counselling. Thousands …


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is an inability to get an erection that can substantially be maintained till the end of intercourse.

What are the reasons for Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

There could be many reasons like age-factor, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, depression, diabetes, strokes & neurological disorders, prostate and cardiac-related problems etc. Surprisingly, the habit of taking medicines without consultation or prescription also leads to impotency.

Why men also face problem of Infertility?

Though there are many factors for Infertility or Low Sperm, some of them are use of excessive alcohol, smoking, drugs, infections, diabetes, hypertension, irregular diet and unorganised lifestyle etc.

What is Pre mature ejaculation?

Whenever there is a discharge of semen from man’s penis too early e.g. only after seeing a naked female, during foreplay or during initial seconds of inserting the penis into the vagina, which leaves both partners unsatisfied, its called Pre mature or early ejaculation.

How to control early or Pre mature ejaculation?

There are many ways and techniques which are helpful in controlling such problems. For examples, some men take help from regular exercises, yoga, sex therapies, special diet charts and counselling etc.

Read more for details.

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Solution of Sexual Abuse

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