Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is an inability to get an erection that can substantially be maintained till the end of intercourse.

What are the reasons for Impotency or Erectile Dysfunction?

There could be many reasons like age-factor, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, depression, diabetes, strokes & neurological disorders, prostate and cardiac-related problems etc. Surprisingly, the habit of taking medicines without consultation or prescription also leads to impotency.

Why men also face problem of Infertility?

Though there are many factors for Infertility or Low Sperm, some of them are use of excessive alcohol, smoking, drugs, infections, diabetes, hypertension, irregular diet and unorganised lifestyle etc.

What is Pre mature ejaculation?

Whenever there is a discharge of semen from man’s penis too early e.g. only after seeing a naked female, during foreplay or during initial seconds of inserting the penis into the vagina, which leaves both partners unsatisfied, its called Pre mature or early ejaculation.

How to control early or Pre mature ejaculation?

There are many ways and techniques which are helpful in controlling such problems. For examples, some men take help from regular exercises, yoga, sex therapies, special diet charts and counselling etc.

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