Early or Premature Ejaculation

Before we try to know the problem of “early ejaculation” or “Premature Ejaculation” commonly known as “early discharge”, lets understand that the fluid (Semen) comes out from the male’s sex organ during sex with the female. The process of semen coming out is the climax of the sex game and is called “ejaculation” (शीघ्र पतन). Duration of intercourse with the opposite sex is different from person to person as it depends on one’s capacity of holding the stamina.

When you release the semen just at the beginning of the love game and sometimes even before insertion of penis, it is early ejaculation or “Early discharge”. It leaves a woman unsatisfied and the man too fails to attain joy. This leads to many psychological problems and disorders in couple. We have been seeing many broken marriages as the most known result in such cases. We have seen that the male is not able to do proper sex and satisfy her female partner. Then she starts looking out for love outside the relationship. Extra marital affairs start taking place. Sometimes the male partner starts feeling very ashamed due to such impotency in front of the woman. And prefers to take serious actions like breaking the relationship and even suicide as well.

Often, we have noticed that the excessive masturbation or nightfall are the primary causes leading to weakness and early discharge in males. This continuous situation leads to impotency and ruin the very charm of wedded life.

The patients of this serious sex ailment (early ejaculation or pre-matured ejaculation) should not wait and go with this painful experience for long. He should immediately ask a doctor or consult the specialist particularly a sexologist, immediately.

Ashok Clinic has successfully treated thousands of patients with such sexual disorders. The treatment is very simple with Ayurveda and the patient starts enjoying sex life again within a span of 2-3 months.


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