Foods to increase Sperm Count

You are in love! After some discussion, you and the love of your life have decided to have a baby. It is the ultimate symbol of your dedication and loyalty to each other. You will each have your own part to play. She will have to carry your love child for nine months, all the while taking care of her and the baby’s health. All you have to do is plant the seed that get the process going. Sounds simple, right? However, some of you need to eat some great foods to increase sperm count.

Much to your surprise, it is not always as easy as it should be. Your swimmers have the studious job of travelling to the promise land and penetrating through a huge barrier to reach inside the egg. It will take millions of sperms to get the job done. It is your job to make sure you are up to the task at hand. To help you get it done, look into eating the right food to increase your sperm count.

Ashok Clinic Family PlanningSuper Foods to Increase Sperm Count
Egg (अंडे)

Eggs are considered a great option to increase sperm, as well as improve their motility. High in vitamin E and full of protein, eating eggs protect sperm cells from the free radicals that can decrease your count. These nutrients assist in the production of strong and healthy sperm count, which is important to fertility.

Spinach (पालक)

Folic acid is vital to the development of healthy sperm. Spinach and other types of leafy green vegetables are a rich source of this vitamin. When your folate levels are low, there is a greater chance you will produce malformed sperm. This will lead to sperm that will have a hard time reaching the egg and penetrating its protective barrier. Also, there is a greater chance of birth defects because of the faulty sperms chromosomal abnormalities.

Banana (केला)

Bananas are full of vitamin A, B1 and C, which help your body produce healthier sperms, as well as increase your sperms productivity. This tropical fruit also contains a rare enzyme called Bromelain. This is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme which also boosts sperm count and motility.

Dark Chocolate (चॉकलेट) 

Dark chocolate is often associated with lust filled rendezvous. Strawberries dipped in chocolate
next to a glass of champagne on a bedside table greet many a guest during their honeymoon. Increase SpermWhat you probably didn’t know is dark chocolate is great for your sperm count as well. It contains an amino acid called L-Arginine HCL known to increase semen volume and sperm count. It has also been rumoured to increase orgasm intensity.

Carrot (गाजर)

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for increasing sperm production as well as improving their motility. Carrots are rich in this nutrient. You can also consume vitamin A by eating foods such as oatmeal, red bell peppers and dried apricots.

Broccoli (हरी फूलगोभी)

Another green vegetable full of folic acid is broccoli. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is already known to help women conceive and is now becoming more recognized as important in male fertility. In one study, men taking a daily dose increased their sperm count by as much as 70%.

Pomegranates (अनार)

This delicious fruit is known as a powerful food to increase sperm and improve semen quality. It is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the blood stream. Unchecked, they can destroy semen and significantly decrease your sperm count. The juice of pomegranates has been recorded throughout history as being used as a fertility booster.

Walnuts (अखरोट)

Walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids that help boost sperm volume and production by increasing blood flow to the testicles. It is also full of arginine, known to increase semen volume. It contains twice as much antioxidants than another nuts, helping you fight toxins in your blood stream.

Garlic (लहसुन)

Garlic is known around the world as a food good for boosting immunity. Among its many properties are vitamin B6 and selenium, both of which play roles in healthy sperm production. Taken by many for its blood cleansing abilities, garlic prevents buildup in arteries and allows for better blood flow to your testicles.

Foods rich in zinc include barley (जौ), red meat (लाल मांस), beans (फलियाँ) etc. Zinc plays a vital role in sperm development. The mineral is found in high concentrations in testicles during the production of healthy, strong semen. So important is zinc, deficiencies of the mineral has been blamed for low sperm motility. It is important to note you can have too much zinc so it is imperative to regulate your intake to about 15 mg per day.

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