For most of the people “how to last longer in bed”? itself is a million-dollar question. If the game of love between you and your partner is ending too early, trust me that its not going to make anyone happy. But yes, if you follow our advises and guidance, you can certainly have a good and better sex life.

We have seen that for maximum people making love with your partner is the most important thing in life. And nobody wants to be the first one to finish first in the bed. It also creates insecurity when he or she is not able to last long in bed. So, if you are suffering from this kind of problem, don’t worry. There are very easy and simple ways to boost your sexual power and last longer in bed.

The most important thing to remain active and last long in bed is that you should never try to distract from sex. Some people adopt such techniques to increase the time of sex. Here are some easy ways:

1. Increase the duration of in and out – This is very essential thing, which is mentioned in the Kama Sutra as well. It says that you should concentrate on start the love game slowly, keep the timing of stroke at least 3-4 seconds. Don’t be fast and cruel during the act.

2. Temporary pause the act – If the man start feeling that he is about to ejaculate, he should pause and hold himself inside his partner until he gets the control again and then begin the entire process again. This should also be kept in mind while feeling anxiety. Take a deep breath, hold and then start again.

Sex time kaise badhaye3. Variety in the act – Many sex experts say that don’t always focus on in and out game. Keep it interesting, tease her, take your pens out and rub it around the vagina. It will also make her happy.

4. Making love at a lower speed – It leads to a more connected and enjoyable experience for both the partners. Keep kissing, exploring her/his body with your gentle hands and avoid hammering her with strokes and finish in seconds.

5. Exercise of Penis – Whenever a man goes for urinating, he should practice this exercise of releasing the urine in parts. After starting stop for a couple of seconds and then start, then stop and again start. Increase the stopping time to 4-5 seconds and release the urine. This will psychologically keep you ready to hold during the sex also and ultimately having a long lasting play.


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