Most Famous Pregnancy Control Queries

What is birth control ? 

Birth control or pregnancy control is basically a method by which we can have complete control on the fertility process in our body. A device or medication is used to prevent pregnancy. This is also known as contraception which is primarily used for family planning.

What kind of birth control methods available in India ?

Today, there are various kind of birth control options available with us. Starting from the easiest methods like Male Condoms, Contraceptive Pills, Vaginal Rings to Diaphragm, IUD, Female Condom, Emergency Contraceptives and Sterilization.

Most effective Pregnancy or Birth Control practices ?

Honestly speaking, this is a difficult question because today we have many options available. Different methods and techniques have different kind of benefits. But still, if you are very concerned about controlling the pregnancy, you should try two options together. Using condom will prevent pregnancy as well as secure you from Aids or sexually transmitted diseases. With that, you can go for pregnancy pills as well.

Most effective methods for protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

Majority of experts, doctors and users believe that only condoms provide such protection.

Any risk of infertility by using such methods?

Well, this is just a myth. Using any method of birth control does not create infertility. Simplest thing is that whenever you feel like having a baby, stop using the methods.

How to control pregnancy after having unprotected sex?

The best thing is to not waste time and use an emergency contraceptive pill, which is available at almost all the pharmacist and chemist shops. The safest time to use the pill is within 12-18 hours of sex. Delay in taking pill will increase the risk of pregnancy.

People say that Birth Control Pills are the reason of Weight Gain. Is it true?

Not at all, it is a complete rumour that birth control pills make you fat or are the reasons for weight gain.

Do I need to take Contraceptive Pills at the same time every day?

If you are dependent on a combination of progestin and estrogen pills, a little amount of change in the timing is ok. But if you are taking just progestin pills, it is highly recommended that you take the pill at the same time every day.

What if a Condom breaks or leaks during sex?

Please note that if condom breaks, leaks or stuck in the vagina during sex, the risk of sexual transmitted diseases is high. So, avoid wasting time. First of all, pull out the broken or stuck condom with the help of your finger. Check if ejaculation has happened during sex. Wash and clean your vagina to avoid any infection and take the contraceptive pill within the time limit for pregnancy control.

What are the tips to use Condoms?

  • First of all, always keep condoms in a cool, dark place.
  • Never keep condoms in your back pocket or wallet.
  • Squeeze the tip of condom to remove excess air before using.
  • Never use your teeth to open the condom packet as it may risk of breaking or leaking condom.
  • Change the condoms, if you are doing vaginal and anal sex.
  • Never try to reuse or recycle the condom.

How do I know which pregnancy control method is good for me?

To know the answer of this, you must visit / consult an expert sexologist. It is important that you share your health concerns. Plus, you should also check any hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, heavy MC bleeding is also a concern for you. Pregnancy control pills could help reduce the flow and ease PMS symptoms.

Is smoking / alcohol harmful during use of contraceptive pills?

It has been found that smoking is really harmful during consumption of birth control pills. It can result to serious blood clots and other issues. Changes in menstrual bleeding patterns and irregular periods also occur in many women due to this. Also, certain kind of other medications also create a dangerous combination. Hence, it is always advisable to consult your Sexologist before going for any pills. As far as alcohol is concerned, there is no harm during birth control methods. Alcohol does not impact the methods but it can certainly impact your judgement and behaviour.

Will taking birth control pills reduce my sex capacity?

In some cases, it may happen. Birth control pills lower the lust-evoking testosterone levels in the body. This lowers sexual desire and as a result your sex drive is weakened. If your birth control questions also include worrying about your libido, you should consider going for copper IUD or condoms. You can also take the help of certain food items to increase your sex drive.


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