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Premature or Early Ejaculation शीघ्रपतन

Lets understand what is Premature or Early Ejaculation, which is also called शीघ्रपतन in Hindi language. Semen is released from man’s penis when he has an intercourse with his female partner.  This coming out of the semen is called the climax of the sex game and is called ejaculation. Duration of intercourse with the other sex varies from person to person as it depends upon one’s capacity of retention. Ejaculation just at the start of the love game and even before insertion of penis is called  “early ejaculation” or “Early discharge”.
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It leaves a woman unsatisfied and the man too fails to attain joy. The male partner feels so ashamed that he tries not to face the woman again or sometimes takes dangerous decisions of harming himself and his female partner. Quite often an excessive masturbation or night fall are some of the key causes leading to weakness and early discharge. This continuous situation leads to impotency and ruin the very charm of wedding life.
For a detailed explanation, you can also click on this link and watch the video wherein Dr.Ashok Gupta, a renowned Sexologist is giving all the information.
The victim of this serious sex ailment is advised not to wait and experience for long and to consult the specialist particularly a sexologist, immediately.
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