When it comes to any kind of sexual disorders & Treatment, there is only one trusted Sexologist Care Centre by the name of Ashok Clinic around you. More than two lac patients have got extremely good results so far from Ashok Clinic, which is situated at Pitampura area of Delhi. Apart from the consultancy, Dr.Ashok Gupta, the famous sexologist and urologist at Ashok Clinic, also manufactures ayurvedic and herbal medicines for the treatment and the best part is that there has been zero side effects so far. The area of specialization is as follows:

Sexual Disorders in Men

swapandosh ka ilajWhen we talk about Sexual Problems and Disorders in men, Erectile Dysfunction always comes first. This is a situation where the sexual organ of men does not erect due to certain biological and psychological reasons too. Majority of men also face the problem of Premature Ejaculation, which is a state of early discharge of semen at the beginning or just a few moments after the intercourse starts. Some complain about their Lack of Orgasm and Low Sexual Desires too, which is a type of Impotency. Then, there are majority of men who think there is an issue with their Reproductive System and they are not able to become parent. There are also young male population, which is concerned about their Penis Size Enlargement and think the size is just not good enough for the sexual activities.

Sexual Disorders in Women

As far as women are concerned, they too face a number of issues and situations related to their sexual performance. We come across lot of women patients who complain Painful Sex. how to avoid abortionSome cites their husbands’ and partners’ concerns about the vaginal odour, which is due to a kind of infection. And these problems need immediate attention and treatment. Vaginal dryness is also very common in women and completely treatable. Some women face Irregular Periods, which is a serious health problem and can affect the life of a woman. Like men, some women also do believe that their gynecological system is not good enough to go for pregnancy, which can be resolved after necessary tests and treatment.

At Ashok Clinic, we have been at practice for more than 50 years now and have successfully treated thousands of patients across the country and overseas with 100% satisfaction and zero percent side effects. For more details, please click here.